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eforms software

FillAForm Genie by GenieTek Innovations, Inc.

FillAForm Genie is an easy way to make a great first impression. FillAForm Genie allows you to type text onto forms (scanned in or as image files.) You can control font, and colors. You can add signatures. You can save, print, e-mail your work.

eforms forms type paper forms fill forms insert text signatures scan prints text signatures images great filling forms

vb software

VoltoGSC Google Search Component by VOLTO.COM

The VoltoGSC Google Search Component is an ActiveX DLL that provides a lightweight interface to the Google Web APIs service. The component enables applications to query more than 2 billion web documents directly.

vb google web search internet search web internet web service components dll activex component com activex dll provides interface google web apis service

tetris software

Puzzle Ring by Alawar Entertainment&Arkon Games

Puzzle Ring is yet another game based on falling bricks concept. The aim is to build as much horizontal rings of falling blocks as you can. Every complete ring you made disappears making free space for the next blocks.

tetris puzzle ring game games alawar entertainment build horizontal rings falling blocks 3d tetris-like game

3d software

3D Model Editor by Ohmikron Corporation

The Ohmikron model editor is a powerful and easy to use tool for the graphic designer. When installing you must enter a registration key, which you can get using a form on the website.

3d models editors cad 3d models model editors textures games mesh 3ds import ac3d import 3d cad tools game art transparent textures multiple textures free software

email software

Chilkat WebMail ASP Email Component by Chilkat Software, Inc.

A powerful POP3 / SMTP email client specifically designed to be used in ASP Web applications. Send mail (SMTP) , read mail (POP3), attachments, HTML, S/MIME, XML import / export, charset conversion, distribution lists, mail-merge, filtering, more...

email asp mail pop3 smtp mime xml s-mime encryption digital signature mail active server pages microsoft

webgrab software

WebGrab by glNET Software

WebGrab is a simple and convenient way to download Web Pages for off-line viewing.

webgrab internet downloads webpages simple way download organize web pages

passwords software

X2Net BrowserPal by X2Net Limited

X2Net BrowserPal allows you to securely store and recall passwords and other text information right inside the Internet Explorer itself. Implemented as an Explorer Bar when you need an item you can drag and drop it right there, no switching around!

passwords browser web internet secure internet explorer ie text logon securely store recall passwords text right inside internet explorer itself


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