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CD Finder 2.0 by Lyttlesoft Studios

CD Finder 2.0 can quickly and easily search through all of your CDROM's for a specific file or folder in a matter of seconds! You can even browse the contents of any particular CDROM even when its not in the CDROM tray!

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lyttlesoft software

KeyType by Lyttlesoft Studios

Add a certain depth of customization to your personal computer with this fun gadget that will make your computer sound like an old styled type writer.

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lyttlesoft software

Screenshot Export by Lyttlesoft Studios

Quickly and easily save desktop or game screenshots to your computer in Bitmap or Jpeg format.Useful for reviewers, beta testers, technical support or just for taking "pictures" of your desktop.

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stop software

Windows Defender by Lyttlesoft Studios

With a few simple clicks you can customize Windows Defender to protect your files and personal settings. Each time a program, website or user attempts to change your windows settings "Windows Defender" will ask for your permission before it continues

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internet software

Internet Speedster by Lyttlesoft Studios

How often have you wondered to yourself, ?Why is the internet so slow??. Well if you are on a dialup internet connection this is probably a question that you ask yourself nearly every time you visit a website.

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diary software

Lyttlesoft Personal Organizer by Lyttlesoft Studios

Never lose track of those important dates again. Remind yourself of special events, birthdays or even that important meeting. Then plot your day in the password protected journal to archive your precious memories.

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spam software

Spamologist by Lyttlesoft Studios

A spam filtering program unlike any other. It utilizes several fully customizable defense mechanisms; dictionary filtering, advanced dictionary filtering, advanced header filtering, allow and block lists, online block lists and a verification system.

spam junk email mail message confirmation confirm authorize authorise challenge response lyttlesoft studios spamologist filter block filtering blocking blocks filters allow list white black whitelist

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