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programming tool software

zCFac by Eden Systems LLC

zCFac automatically generates Java, SQL, and HTML for dynamic web applications. Handles data access, dynamic searches, navigation, display, and access. Provides options for various edit widgets, search level, and hooks for custom code.

programming tool web development tool java code generator mac os x dynamic web application dynamic query generates java sql html display edit complex searches

mac os x software

Canvas Professional Edition (Mac) by ACD Systems

CANVAS 9 is the high-performance drawing environment for professionals in business, science, and engineering. It seamlessly integrates technical drawing, image editing, page layout, web graphics & presentation features into a single application.

mac os x software graphics software vector illustration software technical drawing software publication software desktop publishing presentation software cad software drawing image editing page layout web graphics presentations one program

rss software

RSSOwl by Benjamin Pasero

RSSOwl is a free RSS and RDF newsreader written in Java using SWT as fast graphic library. Supported OS are Win, Mac and Linux. Some of the features are export of news to PDF, Import / Export with OPML and the fulltext-search with syntaxhighlight.

rss rdf rssowl java swt reader news newsreader aggregator pdf opml html export import proxy linux mac windows

automatic software

iScooper by Inventive, Inc.

iScooper is an application that enables you to automatically download and browse batches of pictures much faster and much more conveniently than you can with conventional web browsers.

automatic download batch slideshow media pictures internet web browser browse iscooper automatic media download application mac os

project software

Smartworks - Project Planner Reader by Accord Software & Systems Inc.

Project Planner Reader - Free reader / Viewer to read files created by Smartworks Project planner version 4.0. Frees you from having a project management software to share project plans among users.

project ppr reader viewer smartworks project planner project planner reader free reader viewer smartworks project planner

manic software

Manic Minefields (for Mac OS X) by Norbyte

Manic Minefields is really 12 pumped up minesweeping games in one, as it features 12 uniquely designed minefields with beautiful graphics, to choose from. Other features include a marathon mode, a hint/help function and import/export best times.

manic minefields norbyte minesweeper mine puzzle landmines mines minesweeping sweep ultimate minesweeping game 12 different themes unique designs

clipboard software

iClip by Inventive, Inc.

With iClip, you quickly store, organize and access bits of information that just aren't practical to save as entire documents. You stay focused on the tasks you're accomplishing. You save time and streamline your workflow.

clipboard scrapbook drag drop copy paste clipping iclip multi clipboard scrapbook tool mac os

security software

MacPhoneHome by Brigadoon Software, Inc.

MacPhoneHome sends a stealth email message containing its exact location to a pre-determined email address of the users choice. Recovery agents at MacPhoneHome work with global ISPs and the local police to recover the stolen computer.

security surveillance computer monitoring computer tracking computer tracing laptop theft computer theft stolen laptop stolen computer laptop security tracks locates missing computers via internet anywhere world

text processor software

Letter Star by Objectpark

Write letters and focus on content while layout, formatting and default text are determined by a predefined stationery with PDF letter heads! Save time and automate the process of filling in the receiver's address and set personalized greetings!

text processor word processor letter writing authoring write letters focus content while layout handled pdf stationeries

flash software

MyShow by Incarna LLC

MyShow is a pure-Java application that allows you to easily generate and publish high-quality Flash® slideshows from your digital photos. You can publish your slideshows directly to your website (via FTP) or to disk for email and/or CD distribution.

flash slideshow slide show digital photos web publishing generate publish slideshows flash digital photos simply


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