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abc wallpaper machine software

ABC Wallpaper Machine by Jutta Behling, ABC-Ware

ABC Wallpaper Machine is image creator, desktop calendar and wallpaper manager in one. You have many possibilities to customize the program. You may choose if you prefer to see a calendar showing the current month.

desktop calendar digital camera possibilities image files randomly image creator

harvester software

Essen Target Harvester by Essen Energy Conversion Devices Pvt Ltd.

Essen Target Harvester quickly extracts email addresses from websites using HTTP. It is a targetbased browser-independent program that supports multithreaded webpage loading, is full featured yet requires very few machine resources. Very easy to use.

e-mail locator supports e-mail extractor email email addresses address harvester

webmaster tools software

SoftNet Super Slots by SoftNet Software Inc

This software designed for the internet, it will serve to your visitors a fully functional slot machine game that needs no plug-ins or downloads. The game images are refreshed after the game is played through.

self installer plug ins control buttons game images game is played apache

copier software

LC Copier by Lucersoft

LC Copier is a software to create a standart photocopying machine from your scanner and printer. You may use any scanner which is TWAIN compatible.

lc copier scanner standart photocopying machine

machine software

RoboRealm by RoboRealm

RoboRealm is a powerful free computer vision based application for use in machine vision, image analysis, and image processing systems. Using an easy to use point and click interface complex image analysis becomes easy!

analysis image vision application face analysis pattern

answering machine software

! EzVoice by Internet Soft Solution

EzVoice 2.0 is a full-featured voice mail / answering machine application. It runs on your personal computer and picks up your phone calls while you are away. It displays caller ID, contains 10 voice mail boxes, E-mail like GUI folders etc...

mail box software answering answering machine software answer phone call software

outer stratosphere software

Outer Stratosphere by Clouds Like Castels Creative Studio

This is a space simulation\first person shooter game. Engage the aliens in melee combat and with a machine gun\bazooka, Enter the planetary surface, You can enter buildings, Complete freeform play - you just have one mission.

alien civilization target person perspective game simulations bazooka melee combat

neural network software

Neural Network Component (ActiveX) by MathTools

Artificial Neural System Component is designed for researchers in the fields of machine learning, it can be used to construct Back Propagation Neural Network and to train it with provided samples, then finally recall it with appropriate data.

neural system neural network train back propagation system component

fruit machine software

Arcade Fruit Machine 7 Pack by Software Illusions

Seven Fantastic Fruit Machine Games in a single download! Included in the pack are Splash Cash, Encrypted, Inferno, Safe Cracker, Easy Streaker and Fruit Feast. Each game is based on a real UK style Fruit Machine.

gamble fruit slot machine machine jackpot casino arcade

splash software

Splash Screen Machine by Intrepid Mouse

Create custom splash screen applications that display an image on screen and then run a program or any other type of file. The applications generated by Splash Screen Machine support Autorun and are therefore ideal for introducing files run on a CD.

color transparency autorun file custom splash splash screen sound effect operating system


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