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Workspace Macro by Tethys Solutions, LLC

Ease your workload. Delegate repetitive tasks to WORKSPACE MACRO. Highly accurate keyboard and mouse macro recorder. Smart macro technology ensures high reliability. Simple, intuitive, user-friendly. Just record & replay. Password protect your files.

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macro software

Aldo's Macro Recorder by Aldo Vargas

Increase your productivity with this small yet powerful keyboard and mouse macro recorder. Included Macro Script let you customize the macro to perform complex tasks in seconds.

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ads software

Agent Reader by Aldo Vargas

Increase your productivity with this advanced personal assistant that includes Macro Recorder, Pop-up Killer, Text-to-Speech reader, Memory Optimizer and more than 20 additional productivy functions not provided by Windows.

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keystroke recorder software

Journal Macro by Chosen Software

Journal Macro is an easy-to-use mouse and keyboard macro recorder, player and editor designed to help you eliminate repetitive operations. It is the easiest way to make working in Windows faster, easier, and more productive!

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macro recorder software

AIM Keys by Aimsoft Development Corporation

AIM Keys for Windows XP/2000/NT/98/95 is an all-in-one, macro utility. This major release features improved macro recording and playback, text replacement, task scheduling, security options, and enhanced performance.

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automate software

iOpus Internet Macros by iOpus Software GmbH

iOpus Internet Macros is the first macro recorder designed for the Web. Check on the same sites everyday, submit to search engines, remember passwords or test web sites. You record it once and play back the entire session with a single click.

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editor software

rsEdit by Rimrock Software

rsEdit is a free replacement for the Windows Notepad editor that comes with all versions of Microsoft Windows. It supports multiple files, large files, syntax highlighting, search/replace, undo/redo, bookmarks, macros and much more.

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