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image zoom software

free image zoom by DigitalBrochureDesign

Free Image zoom shows images of products, landscapes, people, any in any website or online store, with integrated zoom feature. A magnifier will appear at the bottom of the image when the user clicks, an image zoom will be displayed in the same area

image zoom web image zoom design flash

color picker software

ColorMania by BlackSun Software

ColorMania is a extended colorpicker with an eyedropper component and a screen magnifier. ColorMania lets you easyly select and modify colors. It's the ideal tool for website and application developers.

color picker color eyedropper screen magnifier color picker eyedropper screen


FlashTray by BlackSun Software

Multifunctional system tray utility. It includes a multilevel Launchbar, Programmable Macro Hotkeys, Screen Highlighter, Color Picker, Screen Magnifier, Character map

multifunctional system tray utility launcher hotkeys macros highlighter

magnifier software

Magical Glass by FreeStone Group

Magnifier, located above a cursor, the overlay is used. Setup of a size of magnification. Does not hinder work by the mouse, it is good for editing pixel in the graphic editors, and it is simple for examining small-sized detailses.

magnifier magnifying glass spyglass free spy specs glasses spectacle eyeglass case located above cursor overlay used

lens software

ZoomAView - The Computer Magnifying Lens! by How in the World

ZoomAView is a powerful, easy to use computer desktop screen magnifier. Features zoom levels up to 32x, moveable, sizeable lens window, locked or "mouse-region" view, selectable cursor style, reverse colors in view (photo negative), and more.

lens magnify desktop visual impair zoom large size zoomaview powerful easy computer desktop screen

basta software

Reglo by Basta Computing, Inc.

Reglo is a versatile graphics design tool including an on-screen ruler, a color picker, a magnifier, a mini-screen capture feature, and the ability to resize the windows of other applications.

basta reglo ruler capture color picker measure loupe screen resize size copy units scale zoomin magnify desktop snapshot track graphics utility utilities tools shareware

mouse magnifier software

MouseZoom by A. & M. Neuber GbR

Mouse as magnifier, color dropper and distance analyser. MouseZoom is a nice small and free utility. It zooms the current mouse position (up to 50x) and shows its color value (RGB, HEX, HLS, CMYK), absolute and relative value of the mouse position.

mouse magnifier color dropper picker freeware tools free distance analyser software mouse color dropper distance analyser

magnify software

EzMagnifier by Ancient Software

EzMagnifier is a small utility to magnify a portion of the screen where you can choose the zooming factor and you can resize the magnified portion itself to suite your needs.

magnify screen desktop ezmagnifier utility freeware ezmagnifier small utility magnify portion screen

photo organiser software

PhotoTalk by CompTech Computer Services

A digital photo album software with integrated sound features to organize, document, decorate, explore, search, print, generate webpage and distribute digital images.

photo organiser digital photo album image viewer photo viewer slide show web page export photo distribution cd archive sound recorder photo magnifier photo panner photo search photo printing thumbnail browser jpeg viewer digital imaging graphic

loupe software

PCLoupe by Bluefive software

PCLoupe is a small display utility that shows a magnified image of the area around your mousepointer in its window. You can move or resize this window, change its refresh rate, and make it topmost if you like.

loupe loep magnify magnifier


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