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information packaging software

Bmail by Information Packaging

BMail is a powerful, easy to use mailing list manager that allows you to run unlimited opt-in emailing lists. Send personally customized messages to your customers, subscribers or friends.

information packaging bmail bulk email email marketing opt in email bulk email software bulk email marketing opt email list manager sender

mailing list manager software

ListWizard by Virdi Software

ListWizard is a mailing list manager. Lists can be configured as simple distribution or full-featured mailing lists. There is no limit to number of lists or members that can be managed. The program is simple to use yet has many advanced features.

mailing list manager distribution moderated password-protected auto-subscribe simple-to-use distribution mailing list manager advanced features

anl software

Active Newsletter by Activewebsoftwares

web-based newsletter/mailing list manager. It converts any HTML file to e-mail friendly HTML, tracks newsletter views and clicks, provides login for Editors to create and send newsletters, subscribe/unsubscribe modules and more

anl web-based newsletter mailing list manager converts html file e-mail

business software

ContactDB by Multi-Computing

ContactDB is a contact and mailing list management program. Use ContactDB to track address, telephone and email information about your contacts. Send email to your contacts from within ContactDB (requires an email client).

business software contact manager contactdb database application mailing-list manager rolodex software pim mailing labels completely user friendly contact manager comes extensive online help

customer management software

Customers Care by Visionary Technologies

Customers Care is an Advanced customer management system and a Powerful Marketing tool.At once, it provides you a lot of possibilites and manages/tracks your users/customers, manage mailing lists/ newsletters in a very flexible way.

customer management mailing list software newsletter software email mailing list order management newsletter writing create a newsletter write a newsletter web site visitor tracking create newsletter mailing list management customers care advanced customer management system marketing tool

outlook software

Outlook Extractor by MazePath Software

Don't waste your valuable time! Extract all email addresses from Microsoft Outlook. Choose your folders, everything is easy and automatic!

outlook microsoft outlook email extractor email extractor mailing list grabber extract outlook extract extract email extract email addresses microsoft outlook easy

verify software

Advanced Maillist Verify by Tweak Marketing Inc.

AMV determines which of addresses in mailing list are dead. The program supports databases (ODBC SQL), TheBat, Eudora and Windows address books, Socks5 proxy protocol. Has open ActiveX/COM and CGI/ISAPI interfaces for developers.

verify email address mail list dead verifing validator delivery error verifying valid checker checking address verification direct delivery e-verify com component evalidator everify thebat eudora e-validator activex

filter software

Essen Filtor by Essen Energy Conversion Devices Pvt Ltd.

Simplest way to filter business emails from a text file, containing list of email addresses. You can use any text file and feed them to Essen Filtor, it will quickly grab all the email addresses from the file.

filter email extractor duplicate email remover invalid email remover email remover email utility filter business emails text file containing list email addresses

mail software

1st Mail Bomber by getfreefile

Professional mass mailer, bulk mailer for fast sending personalized emails and mailing list management, email-based subscription on web site. Create and manage thematic mailing lists, import recipients from files, generate personalized messages.

mail mailing email e-mail mass bulk mailer remailer download smtp pop professiona mass mailer bulk mailer fast sending personalized emails

mail software

Advanced Mail Bomber by getfreefile

It is a professional e-mail software intended for fast mailing list management. It allows you to organize e-mail subscriptions on your web site and to send information/notifications to a large number of recipients. You can create and manage unlimited

mail mailing email e-mail mass bulk mailer remailer download smtp pop send personalized e-mail masses utilizing mailing lists templates


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