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Send-Safe Email List Manager by SEND-SAFE

Email list management software - fast and easy. Provides rich set of functions (extract, clean, merge lists, remove, filter, separate, randomize and etc.), has no maillists size limit, handles multi-column lists, supports automation of tasks.

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maillist software

MailList Manager by Atory Tools

MailList Manager is a tool for organize your emails lists. MailList Manager have many great features, such as merge lists, sort, remove duplicates, special filters and formats. MailList Manager have made managing lists of quick and easy.

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arclab software

Arclab MailList Controller Free Edition by ARCLAB SOFTWARE TECHNOLOGIES

MailList Controller is an email mailing list and marketing solution designed to send out personalized newsletters, campaigns, e-zines, announcements, support and group mails.

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email software

Maillist Express by Vista

MailList Express allows users to write personalized letters using message templates. Thus, if you have a client database you can create a single letter template and send personalized messages to a whole list of customers.

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advanced maillist manager software

Advanced Maillist Manager by ElcomSoft Co. Ltd.

Advanced Maillist Manager (AMM) is designed to process incoming messages that contain subscribe/unsubscribe/etc requests.

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download software

MailList King by Xequte Software

MailList King allows you to use Microsoft Outlook as a Mailing List Server. When run, MailListKing automatically scans your Outlook folder for relevant subscribe, unsubscribe or bounced mail messages and processes them.

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mail list server software

Arrow Mailing List Server for Windows by Roger Smith Software

Arrow makes it easy to create and manage discussion and announcement mailing lists using a standard email account. No ads, no monthly fees, more control.

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e-mail hunter software

E-mail Hunter! by Rhombus Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

A powerful tool for extracting emails from web pages, clipboard, local files and sending PERSONALISED MASS MAILS. It supports operation through a proxy-server

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verify software

Advanced Maillist Verify by Tweak Marketing Inc.

AMV determines which of addresses in mailing list are dead. The program supports databases (ODBC SQL), TheBat, Eudora and Windows address books, Socks5 proxy protocol. Has open ActiveX/COM and CGI/ISAPI interfaces for developers.

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email service for small business software

ShareMail by LavaSoftware

One email box + ShareMail = email service for your entire network. ShareMail can expand ONE email account to several internal mailbox . It acts also as a local email server for intranet. Very suitable for small business. No domain needed.

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