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cyberlink software

CyberLink PowrDirector by CyberLink Corp.

PowerDirector 4's powerful technologies and new magic tools make working with videos fast and easy. A complete range of editing features and effects give users everything they need to experience Hollywood movie making without the effort.

cyberlink powerdirector video editing software video editing home video editing movie editing software digital video editing video editor video capture software video software movie making software movie making equip

heliobar xp software


HelioBar XP - the utility, which will decorate the desktop of any user. By means of HelioBar XP, you may assign any degree of transparency to taskbar - band, which is usually located in the lower part of the desktop and contains the button "Start".

heliobar xp make taskbar transparent make taskbar transclucent fade-in fade-out transparency effects system tray systray desktop heliobar xp assign transparency system taskbar

answering machine software

PC 2 Answering Machine - Professional Edition by Teley

'PC 2 Answering Machine 2.0 - Professional Edition' is a software designed for the personal computer which functions as an answering machine for home or office. Just connect your phone line, and turn your PC to a powerful Answering Machine.

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axmedis software


AXMEDIS P2P client, a very easy to use P2P bittorrent client, joint the network with cross media content and tools, audio, video, animations and tools from axmedis partners: VRS, AFI, TISCALI, GIUNTI, XIM, BBC, etc.

axmedis p2p bittorrent mpeg-21 interoperable drm cross-media automated content pruduction multichannel distribution grid content distribution protection

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