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site monitor software

KeepNI by B.A.T.L. Advanced Technology (98) LTD

Keep an eye on your web site services, and alert on malfunction. Alerts includes Voice alarm,email message,Fax message,SMS,ICQ and more. KeepNI provides you with site performance information row data along with many charts an graphs.

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basta software

Netoscope by Basta Computing, Inc.

Netoscope is a simple and effective tool to monitor Internet services such as web, ftp, or mail servers. When a monitored service fails, Netoscope can notify you about it or even correct the problem if possible.

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hard disk software

DriveSitter by

IDE hard disk drive diagnostic and monitoring tool based on S.M.A.R.T. Up to 130 advanced HDD details, up to 30 health related attributes per HDD and temperature. Forecasts up to 70% of all sudden HDD failures.

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network software

Capturix NetWorks by Capturix Software Technologies

Capturix NetWorks is a network utility software that ables you to test and diagnose all common problems from any network.

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time software

Golden Retriever by Quidham Computing Ltd

Automated timesheets - tracks of your time and work. Figures for different projects, programs, even individual documents. Retrieve lost typing - saves typing in own secure files. Resolve system errors - shows events leading up to an error.

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