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internetcyclone software

Robust Internet Speed Booster (Free Full Version) by

Boost Your Modem & Browser Speed up to 500% & Optimize your Internet Experience. Easy-to-use, Internet Optimizer for Windows 95, 98, ME, NT, 2000 and XP designed to automatically optimize your Windows registry settings to boost your net speed!

internetcyclone cyclone internetoptimizer boost speedup modem boost modem browser speed 500

duplicates software

DiskState by Geekcorp Software

Powerful duplicate file analyzer can help clean up e.g. MP3s, image files. Get rid of that space wasted from program crashes and normal use. 100% safe with recovery. Get reports, find changes to folders, cover tracks after surfing with more features.

duplicates cleanup report cookies browser overview remove duplicates cleanup garbage usage overview remove browser tracks

password software

My Passwords by Custom Business Applications Corporation

My Passwords is a secure, central repository for managing personal infor for Internet sites, software licenses, and credit cards just to name a few uses. It stores category,service name, user names (IDs), passwords, hints, code words, URLs, comments.

password passwords mypasswords my passwords web site management personal information pin pins code codes key keys license key license keys license manage web sites software login info pins keys code words

adscleaner software

AdsCleaner by SoftInform

AdsCleaner is a perfect ad stopper and pop up blocker. Clear all tracks of your online activities. It?s easy to add comments for visited pages, load many pages by one click, translate and voice web pages, manage opened IE, create url aliases?

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