Margin Software

bookshelf software

TR BookShelf by Text-Reader Software

Bookshelf takes plain text (TXT) files and displays the contents as if they were printed in a book. You get two pages (or one if you wish) side by side with generous margins and a clean, uncluttered interface.

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activex software

SCML RTF printer by SCMLsoftware

The SCML RTF printer allows Visual Basic programmers to: Easily print and preview the content of RichTextBox controls. Set margins for the document. Insert page breaks. Draw a frame around text. Print only selected pages.

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negative software

Silver Pilot by Invention Pilot, Inc

Silver Pilot is designed for conversion negatives into positives. You just select a clear area in the margin of the film or clear film base and press the Start button.

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barcode software

MemDB Barcode Printing System by MemDB Technology Company

This program prints Code 128, EAN 128, Code 39, Code 93 or Code 25 interleaved barcode and text labels.User can set the page, label and page margins print the several barcode and text labels in a few steps.

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list software

Checklist by Tracker Software

Checklist is designed to allow you to keep lists on any subject and then check off the items. You may print entire lists, want lists or have lists. Some ideas for its use are: collectibles, book lists, video lists, CD lists, grocery list, guest list.

list checklist keep lists check off items

html software

CoffeeCup StyleSheet Maker by CoffeeCup Software, Inc.

This program allows you to make full-featured cascading style sheets (CSS), giving you full control of text placement, fonts, backgrounds, and more.

html style sheet css style javascript web page website program allows make full-featured cascading style sheets css

edit software

EdIt! by SRT Enterprises

DOS text editor with support for networks, wildcards, wordwrap, multiple video modes, Unix/Mac text formats, and more! Ideal for editing groups of batch files.

edit editor dos gui mouse wordwrap network wildcard autoindent margin 28 line 43-50 line unix macintosh dos text editor support networks wildcards wordwrap


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