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diamond software

Diamond Calculator by Gold Calculator

Diamonds Calculator takes over where the Rap Sheet leaves off. Calculates weight shapes sizes cuts of mounted and unmounted to Market price. Calculates the Round Marquise Emerald Oval Heart Pear Princess Trillion Triangle and the Radiant Diamond.

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invoice software

Very Easy Invoicing by PIE Products

Very Easy Invoicing is absolutely the easiest invoice or invoicing software on the market designed for home-based and/or small business management. Its simplistic modular design is perfect for the user that needs to track important information.

excel spread sheet philosophy ms access time version microsoft access invoice simplistic

red software

Anti Red Eye by VicMan Software

Anti Red Eye is a Photoshop plug-in that can remove the common "red-eye" effect from your images almost automatically. According to our market research, Anti Red Eye is the most advanced redeye-correction plugin available on the market today.

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zip software

BigSpeed Zipper by BigSpeedSoft

BigSpeed Zipper is a .zip format compression utility. Being simple and intuitive to use with its explorer-style interface, it boasts a large number of features the other utilities on the market do not have.

ftp server zip files first choice explorer style interface ftp servers possibilities archive utility

bear spread software

Options Czar by Koona, LLC

Options Czar is a free software for calculating optimal financial options strategies. The user uses real market data for calculating the financial effect of combinations of option purchases and sales.

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investing software

M7 X3.5 Stocks Analyst by RaceCom, Inc

Free Stock Market Analysis Selection Software finds the best stocks by sector. Based on the famous M7 technology. Shows strengths, weakness, and profit potential. Colorful graphic display w true 3D shadows. Fast. Uses free Internet data.

free stock market true 3d dozens best stocks strengths weakness stock market analysis internet data

stock software

Checklist Investor by Sollee Software

Stock Market Investment Software for the Intelligent Investor. Make Better Decisions by following a systematic approach using the strategies of the all time investing greats (Buffett, Graham, Lynch, CANSLIM, etc.).

stock market investment place stock consistent evaluation investment ideas canslim investment data benjamin graham

stock software

Ashkon Stock Watch by Ashkon Technology LLC

Ashkon Stock Watch is an advanced charting software for financial market information. It allows to display several technical indicators for a single security on the same chart, open multiple chart documents and test investment strategies.

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job search software

Job Search Software Engine by Gelb Organization, L.L.C.

Job Search Software Engine .. Let Us Show You .. Where the Jobs Are!!! All the elements you need to find that new job and market yourself. Hunt company employment boards worldwide design of your own search strings with our Internet Search Tool.

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stock software

The STIMULATOR by Stock Thing

STIMULATOR is a Stock Market Simulation and Analysis engine with a "real-life" approach to trading.

amex stock market simulation engine nyse one time scenarios modeling and simulation


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