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mass software

Jamail by Jamail Dirk Formhals

With Jamail you create mass emails professionally and send them to your customers. Connect Jamail to your ODBC source or import recipient data from your favorite address software. Jamail supports you by doing all those steps.

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one button software

Moodmixer by PWsoft

Make unlimited play lists from smart title collections on the fly. Find the perfect mix for your mood with Moodmixer's rating sliders. Instantly change the play list mood. Mass rate, mass change, and mass tag your files. Burner support for mp3 PLs.

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desktop emailer software

Desktop Emailer by

Desktop Emailer is the affordable mailing list software solution that will allow you to send out high volume, personalized mass email, newsletter, ezines and more to your list. Manage your email subscribers easily, right from your desktop.

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digital images software

Name It Your Way (NIYoW) by MC Software

NIYoW, Name It Your Way, is a professional all-in-one file and folder mass properties editor. NIYoW is perfect for digital images, documents, music files or any other collection of files and folders you have.

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bulk software

Easy Mass Mailer by EasySoftMade Inc.

Easy mass mailer program. Best marketing tool for you. Fully integrated DNS and SMTP servers - you can focus on marketing, not on setting the tool!

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mass software

Mail Them Pro by Kadmy, Inc.

Mail Them Pro is designed for mass mailings and mailing lists management. It has own high performance built-in SMTP server, so you don't need to use your ISP's SMTP server.

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outlook software

GoMail - Outlook Mass Mailer Addon by

Fast mass email engine which sends over 100,000 emails under 5 minutes using up to 150 threads. GoMail lets you send personalised emails to mailing list in text or CSV formats from Microsoft Outlook2000/2002.

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chemical software

WMD SWAG PocketPC Bundle by Arkansoft

WMD SWAG quickly analyzes your observations at a disaster site and provides a fast, scientific guess of which agents of mass destruction are most likely involved. Just mark checkboxes beside any conditions you observe in the field, then view results.

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base software

Base Mailer by xNeuron

Base Mailer is a simple e-mail client for mass e-mails dispatching. An e-mails list can be picked up from a specified database. It's allow to send an e-mails based on templates, in plain text or HTML format, with possible attachments or images.

base mailer simple e-mail client e-mails dispatching

mail software

1st Mail Bomber Pro by getfreefile

Professional mass mailer, bulk mailer, email software for fast sending personalized emails and mailing list management, email-based subscription on web site. Create and manage thematic mailing lists, import recipients from files.

mail mailing email e-mail bulk mailer remailer download smtp pop professional mailer bulk mailerfor fast sending personalized emails


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