Megachart Software

megachart software

MegaChart by MegaChart

MegaChart is an ActiveX (COM) component that allows to dynamically create professional looking charts of all common types (2d & 3d bars, pies, lines, stacked bars etc.) with just a few lines of code on your favorite language.

megachart chart diargam graph build make instant asp server side component programming on-the-fly on the fly business developer tool xml library logo fast

cetus software

Cetus War by Novel Games

The aim of this game is to control Whalie to shoot the enemies. When the enemies are shot, items may appear and you can control Whalie to take them so that he becomes more powerful.

cetus war cute shooting fun shooting game cute characters 243 weapon combinations

launcher software

NLauncher by CrispyBytes Development

NLauncher is a surefire way to free the desktop from numerous icons, folders and files while preserving simple, one-click access to them. Simply drag them to the pop-up panel on the left or right side of the desktop and access them when you want.

launcher toolbar desktop skin skinnable enhancements utility utilities program launcher

prioritized to-do list software

A VIP Simple To Do List by VIP Quality Software Ltd

VIP Simple To Do List is an easy tool for planning of your daily life. The program lets everyone who wants to stop wasting time and bring life in order quickly manage everyday tasks with help of prioritized to-do list.

prioritized to-do list list of tasks home task manager prioritized todo list reminder notes

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