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active screensaver builder software

Alyssa Milano by KrstDesign

Alyssa Milano is the daughter of Italian-American parents Lin, a fashion designer, and Tom, a film music editor. Seen in Kiss the Bride, Buying the Cow, Jimmy Zip, Hugo Pool, Melrose Place, Public Enemies, Poison Ivy II, Commando

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free software

A.M. Web Server by Rolesoft

A.M. Web Server is a free personal web server for Windows. The executable file size is less than 600 KB), it supports HTTP/1.1. As easy as you think!

free internet sever internet server free personal internet server windows

gconvert software

GConvert by G.D.G. Software SARL

GConvert is a full-featured icon toolkit that lets you extract, create, edit, manage, compile and convert icons. It supports all icon images (any size, color depth + MacOS, XP, Vista 32-bit icons), creates icons from images, manages icon libraries...

gconvert .ico icon icons extract manage ico convert windows vista themes desktop customize convert edit png

jbuilder software

DBVA for JBuilder for Windows by Visual Paradigm

DBVA for JBuilder is an JBuilder ORM plugin that supports: round trip engineering between source code and Class Diagram, reverse existing database to ERD, generate database from ERD, generate persistent Java objects correspond to a RDBMS...

jbuilder uml add-in plugin oracle jdbc sqlplus mysql db2 hypersonic sybase database software erd er diagram entity relationship diagram orm object relational mapping case class diagram object oriented reverse engineering code generation java linux mac

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