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office-office software

Deskcalc Pro by pmaSoft

"DeskCalc" is a fully featured adding machine with the functions you expect from a mechanical adding machine plus capabilities associated with a Windows environment. Includes a check-strip, excel export, correction possibilities etc.

office-office finance calculator euro converter software adding machine tape excel export correction possibilities sales tax

ebay software

mYspike by AG

mYspike is a tool for the bargain which is sought in eBay and other auctions. DirectBid for secure & fast Bidding. New features in mYspike 3.0: more auction sites available, parallel search, multi-user functionality, pop up blocker, plug-in system.

ebay auction auctions ebaytool auctiontool sniper

pmacalc software

pmaCalc by pmaSoft

pmaCalc is THE replacement for your pocket calculator. it combines a scientific calculator with a programmer's calculator.

pmacalc is expression calculator and the replacement for your pocket calculator pmacalc replacement pocket calculator

file browser software

MultiView by Tekware

MultiView File Browser is a quick file copy and view utility for viewing all your drives and files with ease in one view.Also includes a html editor for creating web pages, a deep search file utility, and a favorite web link saver.

file browser html editor favorite weblink saver search utility 5 drive file browser search tools html editor

finance software

tApCalc Financial tape calculator(Arm & xScale) by Softtrends Software Pvt Ltd

Financial calculator with a tape that can be saved,edited,rerun,beamed and printed without reentering all data again. Provides TVM, DCF, Depreciation, Bond, Mortgage, Loan and other financial functions along with standard memory and scientific keys.

finance financial calculator personal finance mortgage loan depreciation amortization bond discounted cash flow financial calculator hp-12c type functions programmable tape

scientific software

tApCalc Scientific tape calculator(Arm) by Softtrends Software Pvt Ltd

tApCalc SciFi is a handy Scientific calculator for Pocket PC. It provides a simulated paper tape that allows users to record calculations and save them for future reference. Includes trignometric,logarithmic functions in addition to standard keys.

scientific engineering educational calculator tape calculator programmable scientific tape calculator allows save edit run tape

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