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start menu software

Tidy Start Menu by SprigSoft

If you feel tired of searching for programs in the long "Start Menu" list, then this program is for you. It allows to arrange all shortcuts in the Start Menu. As a result, the menu looks neat, and you easily and quickly can find any program you want

start menu categorize

privacy software

JTPrivacy by J.T. Software

This program Permanently erases IE History, Temp Internet files, IE Cookies, Temp folders, recent documents, Run menu list, Windows Media player recent file list, Paint recent file list, Winzip recent file list, empties Recycle bin, Netscape URLs/Caches and Find menu list.

privacy clean delete history premanently erases computer histories

sendto software

SendTo Magic by Dunning Software

SendTo Magic is Windows shell extension that helps you maximize Explorers built-in SendTo menu functionality. SendTo Magic adds more functionality the SendTo menu to allow you to quickly copy and move files and easily create shortcuts in any folder.

sendto menu file folder shell copy move shortcut copy move files fast using sendto menu list recent folders

minimize software

Iconic Tray by dnSoft Research Group

This tiny utility lets you minimize any window either to the system tray, or to a special new tray (see image). This helps you keep your taskbar clean for often used apps. Minimizing can be carried out with mouse clicks and/or system-wide hotkeys.

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