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in-out board software

Able OfficeView Pro by OfficeView Software Inc

Lan IN/OUT board with automatic In and Out posting. Personalized remarks allowed. It also includes a messaging system and a screen that displays employee information. Awarded 5 stars by ZDNet.

in-out board board automatic posting personalized remarks messaging

happy software

Happy Pill by Team Taylor Made

Why should only doctors get to spread all the joy? Place the happy pill to bounce un-healthy frowns upside down. Click to place the pill. Then choose a direction and click to fire. But be careful, hitting a head 3 times is over- medicating.

happy pill kid game child action fun arcade why should doctors get spread joy place happy pill bounc

game software

BUBBLES by DynoTech Software

Unique puzzle game plays upside down! Maneuver the rising bubbles into matching pods. Watch for nasty soap scum! See awesome digital graphics, listen to your favorite classical music, save games, pause play when you need a break, and much more.

game fun multimedia puzzle puzzles tetris sound digital graphics dynotech music logical logic mind thinking women boxes

laplink software

FileVan For DOS by Rainy City Computer Products

A $29.95 alternative to LapLink for users who just want to transfer files to/from their old DOS or Win 3.1 PCs and not pay for extras they don't need. Transfers files between computers through their parallel ports.

laplink lap link filevan file van laptop notebook alternative file transfer data file transfer between cable-connected dos pcs

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