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metal detector software

Metal Detector - Treasure Hunter Pro by RB59.COM SOFTWARE

This program was made for Metal Detector users by Metal Detector users! The author (programmer) contacted over 100 metal detector users and asked them what features they wanted in a computer program for their hobby.

metal detector detecting treasure hunting treasure metal detecting software program metal detector users metal detector users

access control software

WinForcer by Narrowgate

Prevent unauthorised users from running any Windows application you specify. Block the desktop, Start button, Control Panel, Hide Drives or block individual folders. Fully user configurable and is suspended by simply entering a password.

access control security lock block lock down secure stop winforcer restrict restriction hide prevent other users using programs pc without permission

flash capture software

APSW InAFlash by All Purpose Software

View all Flash animations from web pages, including Flash game sites, Flash animations, Flash MTV, Flash Movies, Flash websites, Flash advertisements, or any Flash files you come across on the world wide web.

flash capture flash download download flash files download flash game download flash mtv capture flash game capture flash download view flash animations internet pages

data cleaning software

DTM Data Scrubber by DTM soft

DTM Data Scrubber is a set of intelligent tools for data verification and scrubbing. Depending on user-defined rules and data properties, the program either creates a report about the actual state of affairs or performs database data correction.

data cleaning data scrubbing data clearing data audit

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