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intrusion detection software

GFI WebMonitor for ISA Server by GFI Software

GFI WebMonitor is a utility for Microsoft ISA Server that allows you to monitor the sites users are browsing and what files they are downloading in REAL TIME. It can block access to adult sites & performs anti-virus scanning on all downloads.

intrusion detection firewall anti virus exchange server isa server port scanner security software content security

surftimer software

SurfTimer for Microsoft ISA Server by Diolan company

SurfTimer is a powerful tool for managing corporate Internet access, helping your company to save valuable time and money. SurfTimer is a tool allowing you to manage the amount of time spent online by each employee.

surftimer proxy isa server microsoft timer internet limit quota time user per firewall surftimer utility managing amount time spent online each employee

isa server software

TrafficFilter for Microsoft ISA Server by Diolan company

TrafficFilter - is a MS ISA Server extension that provides customizable control of Internet access. It enables management to block or allow workers' access to Internet, based on the volume of data downloaded (or uploaded) from the Internet.

isa server traffic limit webproxy microsoft network security windows 2000 addons server isa 2000 security tips internet security and acceleration server filter isapi trafficfilter assign traffic quotas ms isa server users

isa software

ProxyInspector for ISA Server by ADVSoft

Use this software to generate visually-rich self explanatory reports on virtually every aspect of corporate Internet usage. Reports can be viewed using built-in browser, sent via e-mail, printed out or exported to Excel. Download FREE trial now!

isa web security microsoft monitoring traffic log report proxy firewall site generate crystal-clear reports corporate network usage

internet software

TrafficQuota by DigiRain Technologies

TrafficQuota is a quota enforcement extension for Microsoft ISA Server. It enables you to restrict or allow users' access to the Internet, based on the volume of data downloaded (or uploaded) from the Internet.

internet traffic control isa server extension bandwidth quota trafficquota quota enforcement extension microsoft isa server

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