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ipmidi software

ipMIDI by nerds.de

ipMIDI - A MIDI over Ethernet Driver No more MIDI interfaces needed to communicate between applications on different PC''s. It has a even lower latency than a hardware legacy device and sends over Multicast. No client server hassle, no configuration.

ipmidi midi over lan midi over ethernet midi over ip midi over multicast midi over tcp midi over udp

installation software

InstallEssen by Essen Energy Conversion Devices Pvt Ltd.

Quick and easy Installer,generates self-extracting executable file using simple Wizard.Full featured support includes specification of Environment Variables,Registry Entries,License,Password protection. Generates Uninstaller automatically.

installation installers software wrapper packager installshield quick easy installer generates self-extracting executable file using wizard

linux recovery software

R-Linux by R-tools technology Inc.

R-Linux is a data recovery and undelete tool for Ext2FS (Linux) file system. File recovery after power failure, system crash, virus infection or partition with the files was reformatted, even for different file system.

linux recovery data recovery unformat unerase file recover file undelete recover recovery restore data recovery software easy recovery easyrecovery undelete utilities undelete software undelete shareware data recovery undelete tool ext2fs linux file system

answering machine software

Go4Customer Answering Machine by Cyber Futuristics India Pvt.Ltd.

answering machine which makes use of Voice Modem/Dialogic Cards.

answering machine answering machine message answering machine message internet answering machine funny answering machine message call recording voice response systems ivr cli telephone calls call monitoring phone call record tele recording call response fax machine answering machine answering machine message

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