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milky way software

Free Milky Way Screensaver by Space Screensavers

If you look up in the sky on a clear dark night you will see an awesome starfield with a faint shimmering path running across. Would you like to take an exciting walk along this Milky Way enjoying hazy light of distant stars?

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astronomy software

StarStrider by FMJ-Software

StarStrider is a software planetarium that utilizes the latest in 3D-technology in order to show you not only the planets and satellites of our solar system, but also galaxies, nebulas, and hundreds of thousand of stars - in real-time 3D.

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download software

Power Manga by TLK Games

Power Manga, developed by TLK Games, belongs already to the legacy of the space adventure. It is one of the best Arcade Game developed under GNU General Public License. The present version for Windows is as neat as exciting.

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space software

Space Exploration 3D Screensaver by Digital Minds Software

Would you like to see the rings of Saturn and the Asteroid Belt? This screensaver features a very realistic and accurate 3D model of the Solar System. Embark on your own exploratory voyage with this screensaver of unparalled beauty!

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screen software

3D Bricks Valley ScreenSaver by

Increase the paranormal activity near your PC and rise the overall positivity level with this 3D tunnels screensaver. It features different paradoxical special 3D effects automatically or manually controlled decorated with great bricks textures.

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screen software

7art Space ScreenSaver by

7art Space screensaver brings you 22 pictures with incredible cosmic views. The 7art Space screensaver will teleport you into a deep space to vanish away in grandiose star scenery.

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screen software

7art Planets ScreenSaver by

7art Planets screensaver brings you 24 amazing images of the Solar system planets. The 7art Planets screensaver will help you to feel like astronauts in a star ship looking out an illuminator.

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galaxy software

Galaxy 3D Space Tour by FP Software lab.

The Galaxy...a great cosmic island containing about two hundred billion stars and nebulas. This screensaver simulates such a fantastic space scene with maximum realism using modern 3D technologies and the latest astronomical knowledge.

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