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avi2dvd software

Avi2Dvd by Trust Fm

About : Avi2Dvd is a GUI in order to convert with just one click an Avi/Ogm/Mkv/Dvd to Dvd/Svcd/Vcd. This utility uses only freeware software .

avi2dvd is gui in order convert an avi-ogm-mkv-dvd dvd-svcd-vcd avi2dvd gui order convert avi ogm mkv dvd dvd svcd vcd

farburned software

FarBurned Plugin by Little Artefacts

FarBurned Plugin is CD-R/RW burning software with the classical interface. It is implemented as FAR manager plugin, so tiresome switching between CD burner and file manager becomes easier.

farburned plugin cd-r cd-rw burn iso joliet image commander manager burner burning recorder cd-r rw burning software having classical commander-style interface

 virtual software

Rainbow by Big Tick

Thanks to an original mixture of FM, AM, additive and substractive synthesis, Rainbow is able to produce a wide assortment of sounds, from analog emulations or synthesized drums to 80's electric pianos or synth basses.

virtual synthesizer vst analog filter bass acid moog roland fm synthesis electric piano comprehensive virtual synthesizer plugin vst systems

games software

16-Shift It! by

Are you tired of playing same old Sliding Blocks type of puzzle? Try 16-Shift It! for a change. No more empty space to slide pieces into. Instead, shift the whole row or column of game blocks at once. See how it introduces a whole new challenge.

games free free games game puzzle scrambled picture puzzle game scrambled picture puzzle game tired playing same old sliding blocks try shift whole raw column

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