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spring software

Spring Simulation by Kurilenko

Spring modeling application allow moving bob and changing any params

spring simulation mathematical bob chaos puankare spring application allow moving changing params

database software

ERCreator by Modelcreator

Intuitive XML-based ER-Diagram tool for data modeling and database design with database script generating and reverse engineering (via ODBC). It supports: DB2, Oracle, SQL Server, Access, PostgreSQL, MySQL, Pervasive, Interbase and Firebird.

database er diagram tool ddl logical odbc reverse engineering db2 oracle sql server access postgresql mysql pervasive interbase firebird

cad software

Modeling Studio by DInsight

Modeling environment for KernelCAD. KernelCAD Control displays interactively 3D solid models. It adds functionality of an embedded CAD software to windows applications. The model can be modified programmatically at runtime with instant updates in 3D

cad 3d solid modeling activex control embedded software net displays modifies models component windows

sequence diagram software

Sequence Diagram Editor by Effexis Software, LLC

Modeling tool that simplifies the creation and maintenance of UML sequence diagrams and telecom/wrieless call flow diagrams. It automatically takes care of layout and formatting (across multiple pages if needed).

sequence diagram call flow uml simplifies creation maintenance sequence diagrams call flows

flag software

World Flags by Kozyr Denis

World Flags is finest animated flag screensaver based on real physics modeling. Screensaver comes with a database of 100 flags, but you can add flags of provinces and territories, corporate logos, sport teams or even your own photograph.

flag screensaver world shareware screensaver real flag right physical model good-looking light

crystal software

LeoCrystal by LeoKrut

LeoCrystal is an application for performing modeling of reaction on the surface of crystal for educational and research purposes.

crystal growth stereo leocrystal performing crystal

math software

Infinity by MathRevolt

These days, there are many things that require mathematical modeling: from exchange rates prediction to engineering and financial planning. Infinity is the unique math application that brings actual mathematical modeling results! Download FREE trial!

math ordinary non-linear differential equations systems differential equations innovative math software high precision calculations try now

20sim software

20sim Viewer by Controllab Products BV

An advanced modeling and simulation program for dynamic systems from the same lab as Tutsim. Easy-to-use and powerfull package for mechatronics, robotics, control engineering, mechanics, hydraulics, etc. From the same lab as Tutsim.

20sim tutsim bondgraaf bond graph bondgraph mechatronics robotics animation dynamic energy block diagrams iconic diagrams 20-sim clp controllab products bv

chemical kinetics software

Kintecus by Vast Technologies Development, Inc.

Modeling software to simulate the chemical kinetics and equilibrium of combustion, nuclear, catalyst reactor (CSTR) and enzyme reactions. Software can also fit/regress any entered parameters against chemical data and perform sensitivit

chemical kinetics enzyme kinetics combustion catalyst reactor cstr software equilibrium run chemical kinetics enzyme reactions

designer software

DBDesigner 4 by fabFORCE

DBDesigner 4 is a visual database design system that integrates database design, modeling, creation and maintenance into a single, seamless environment. It combines professional features and a clear and simple user interface.

designer database source dbdesigner fabforce 4 handle databases most efficient way


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