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proxy software

Proxy-Pro Family GateKeeper by Infopulse

Developed especially for home or small office use the software allows you to connect your entire network to the same Internet Connection thus giving you simultaneous access to Web browsing, online gaming, chat, downloading music, films and much more.

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internet sharing software

WinProxy by Ositis by Ositis Software, Inc.

Everything you need to simultaneously connect all your computers to the Internet. Proxy server with Internet connection sharing, advanced firewall, gateway antivirus, NAT, and site filtering for your home or business network.

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internet sharing software

ComTun by Linkbyte Software, Inc.

A powerful and easy to use Proxy/Firewall for internet connection sharing. ComTun has many advanced features useful for both business and home use. With support for access control and banner blocking, you have ultimate control of your connection.

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proxy software

Proxy-Pro Professional GateKeeper by Infopulse

Proxy-Pro Professional GateKeeper is the complete Internet Sharing solution for business and corporate use, allowing your company's network to access the Internet using a single Internet account, also providing a high level of security and control.

proxy shareware

modem software

NetNak by Complete Software Solutions

Display your internet data rate via modem, cable, DSL etc as text and on a graph. It keeps track of time online and total amount of data you send and receive. You can get a warning when exceed your preset limits and automatically hangup when you want

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internet sharing software

PPPshar Pro by PPP Infotech Ltd

PPPshar Pro is a proxy server that enables you to share a single Internet connection of any type (Dialup, DSL, Cable modem, or satellite connection) among several computers in your home or office network. Tiny and easy to use, runs in system tray.

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window proxy server software

ezProxy by LavaSoftware

ezProxy is a proxy server, make all your computers share one connection to internet. provide everything you need to simultaneously connect all your computers to the Internet through just one simple connection with your existing service provider.

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internet sharing software

SolidShare by Lijun Qin

SolidShare provides firewall security and Internet sharing on your LAN. Any computer on your local network will be able to transparently and securely access the Internet.

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proxy software

AllegroSurf by

Using the Internet at home or work is a big responsibility. The Internet offers the information and content you desire. AllegroSurf gives you the power to share an Internet connection while dictating what information and content is available.

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deksi modem pooling software

DEKSI Modem Pooling by DEK Software International

DEKSI Modem Pooling (DMP) is an advanced, powerful, and feature rich client-server software system that allows you to share any serial (COM) port on a remote computer from your local computer via a TCP/IP network connection.

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