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animated text software

RiadaHeadline by Riada International Pty. Ltd.

RiadaHeadline java ticker, free animated text marquee, scrolling news applet maker. Getting repeat visits has never been simpler! When headlines need to be updated, RiadaHeadline's design environment makes editing HTML obsolete.

animated text free animated text riadaheadline java marquee applet java ticker applet java marqee java scroller java ticker riada scroll scroller scrolling vertical message ticker tape news annouce class applet maker

server-push software

DAIRGram Server-Push Popups by DAIR Computer Systems

Broadcast server-push popup alerts to subscriber desktops. Runs continuously in background and pops up notifications from site inside an ordinary browser window. Use for alerts, subscription services, syndication, etc. Visit

server-push broadcasting alerts motd status marketing services

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