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zip software

Filzip by Philipp Engel

Filzip is THE ultimate freeware archiver to handle about 15 archive formats for Windows. It supports full shell integration what means creating, extracting, testing and emailing archives with one click. It's really fast.

zip compresssion free archive rar cab lha tar tool ziptool unpack decompress freeware filzip ultimate freeware archiver handle about 15 archive formats

image software

Image-ma-jig by Vertisee Software Inc.

Image-ma-jig is a comprehensive batch image editing package. Whether you own a digital camera, or work with digital images on your computer. Image-ma-jig gives you the tools you need to easily manage, manipulate and organize all of your image files.

image graphics batch editor gallery html xml xslt jpg bmp png tif tga borders thumbnails slideshows printing screen saver capture redeye

programmble software

WinPTE by

WinPTE is a fully customizable programmer's editor with integrated Microsoft VBA and Perl scripting. The core is designed to implement end-user features via scripting. It is the scripts that provide the final editor functionality without hardcoding.

programmble text editor vba source html syntax highlighting perl java c-c winpte fully customizable programmers editor integrated microsoft vba

delete software

FileMove Pro by SDW Software

Automatical or quick start handling for complex file and folder jobs (copy, move, delete, compress) with powerful find functions and quick start, local or in networks.

delete move copy file folder compress complex selective automatically monitoring watching monitor watch quickstart automatical file folder tool complex copy move delete compress actions

delete software

FileMove SE by SDW Software

Automatical or quick start handling for file and folder jobs (copy, move, delete) with powerful find functions.

delete move copy file folder komplex selective automatically monitoring watching monitor watch automatical file folder handling copy move delete

wildcard software

Explorer Buddy by NEEB Hard- & Software

Explorer Buddy extends the capabilities of the Windows Explorer by adding a context menu to the detail view. The user can select and manipulate files by using wildcard expressions. Operations include Select, Rename, Move, Copy, Delete and Attributes.

wildcard explorer plugin select rename move copy delete attributes file extension short filename adds powerful recursive wildcard commands windows explorer

multidistribution software

MultiDistribution by DreamBreed

MultiDistribution automatically keeps any files, folders and documents on your system up-to-date by watching for changes and then redistributing them to specified locations. Based on certain rules, you can choose when and how the files are copied.

multidistribution file distribution distribute share move copy transfer document automatically keeps files documents system up-to-date

archive software

Outlook True Archive by SMSWare

Ultimate archive utility for Microsoft Outlook PST files. Utility supports selection by date received, sent or modified. Items can be copied, moved or deleted. Select a source and destination. Take control of your Archive.

archive archiving outlook microsoft received date modified date large pst move copy delete mail compact pst date received

pdf editor software

VeryPDF PDF Editor by Inc

VeryPDF PDF Editor (acrobat editor) software for viewing, edit, manipulating and printing PDF files, PDF Editor can edit PDF files easily, you can write annotations, comments, add text, change text or delete words completely, free download

pdf editor pdf edit document acrobat portable document format files pdf files create pdf files pdf documents change delete modify information view save print edit pdf file reader editor viewer reader free download acrobat editor acrobat edit

graphics software

Pixels by ByteSurge

New, a very useful tool, "Find Duplicate Images". Pixels can be used as a great graphics viewer, with features like pre-reading for fast viewing, full screen, easy Delete,Move,Copy, Send mail, Print. Pixels also has a unique Thumbnails mode.

graphics viewer pixels fast thumbnail histogram noise encode decode hide text scanning resample slideshow duplicate


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