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wmv to gif software

Video to GIF Converter by Leapic Software

Video to GIF Converter is a powerful tool to convert video file to animated GIF file and enables you to add over 50 effects to the GIF file. It supports AVI,MPEG,WMV,ASF,Quick Time files.

wmv to gif asf to gif avi to gif video to gif movie to gif convert gif capture video converter

stamp-it software

Stamp It by Skylark Utilities

Change the date and time of multiple files on your computer. Time can now be on your side with this handy program that provides you with a practical means of setting the last date and time modified of any file on your system.

stamp-it stamp it stampit set stamp modify date time filetime files change date time multiple files drive computer

maxus software

Maxus by NeuroBridge

A progressive multi-functional tool that saves time and money when managing your Internet connection and performing routine Windows tasks. Includes a flexible scheduler, skinnable clock, system resources monitor, hotkeys manager, traffic monitor etc.

maxus netmeter isdn ethernet connection monitor statistics skins hotkey reminder multi-functional tool designed improve windows internet experience

tab software

aGuitar Pro by Gabriel Fernandez

aGUITAR PRO is the program for the player of the bass/guitar that wants to improve his musical skills in a short time. It has Ear training exercises, a tab viewer/player, a tab manager, scales/chords generators, a virtual band, and a lot more.

tab viewer player chords chord finder generator theory midi bass guitar scales drums tuning tune strings tabs scale builder build chord generator tab viewer chord generator scale generator aguitar pro

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