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mp3 to wav converter software

MP3 TO WAVE DECODER & Converter by One Stop Soft

MP3 to WAV Decoder makes burning custom music CDs a snap. Eliminate corrupt MP3s, decode them quickly so you can easily burn your own CD's with any Audio CD-R Burning Software. Feature Unlimited Batch-process, convert winamp playlists, normalization.

mp3 to wav converter mp3 to wav decoder mp3 to wave decoder mp3 to wave converter mp3 mp2 mp1 m3u pls wave converter wav converter wave decoder wav decoder convert mp3 to wave convert mp3 into wave batch process multiple files selection normalize

stamp software

Stamp Organizer by PrimaSoft PC

Stamp Organizer Deluxe is a complete program that allows Stamp collectors, philatelists, hobbyists, dealers, and clubs to organize, catalog, and manage their collections on their PCs.

stamp stamps organize collect catalog philately philatelists organize manage stamp collections

stamps software

Stamp Tracker by CyberNiche Software

Quickly catalog your entire stamp collection, recording as much or as little information as you like. Easily search the database or output your data to reports, html pages or export to other software.

stamps stamp collecting philatellic postal postage philately stamp inventory stamp catalog stamp auction database catalog stamp collection

temp software

CleanIt by Silmaril Software

CleanIt is small but useful program that is automatically executed when you start your computer (or enter Windows NT/2000 system) and clean all lost temporary files and folders from your TEMP directory.

temp clear cleanit clean temp folders cleaner

stamp software

Stamp Catalog by PrimaSoft PC

Stamp Catalog: Catalog your stamp collection in as much detail as you need, including the Country of issue, Description, Catalog Number, Value, Date and Price of Purchase, and more.

stamp catalog stamps hobby philatelists philately collect collections catalog stamp collection detail need

winamp software

Album Viewer (WinAMP General Purpose Plug-In) by ZayatZ@Soft

This plug-in is intended for showing information about current playing album (or song). Information will be displayed in WinAMP Browser window. You can use all power of HTML in yours information file.

winamp plugins plug-ins general purpose dll music mp3 albums artists bands groups plug-in intended showing information about current playing album

screen software

Screenshot Utility by QSX Software Group

Screenshot Utility is a screen capture program. It resides in the system tray, and when you press a hotkey combination, it captures and saves a snapshot of your screen as a JPEG, GIF, or BMP file.

screen capture software screenshot utility program shot small configurable screen capture program resides system tray


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