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speaking clock software

Talking Clock Pro by Best Software

Talking Clock Pro utilises MS Agent technology to speak the time to you. the program can be customised in many ways and can update your PC clock via the Internet. It is great for the visually impaired.

speaking clock speaking calendar speaking email deluxe talk speak talking clock deluxe deluxe speaking talking caller id cli caller calling email pop3 smtp server clock time time watch software netscape mp3 player msagent

trivia quiz software

WDWTBAM2 by Mc D Software

Contains over 3,800 trivia questions. Includes support for MS Agent Technology where u can download and install Your very own quiz host.

trivia quiz quiz trivia millionaire billionaire trivia questions question editor multiple choice quiz wdwtbam who wants to be a millionaire

graphics software

Grandmommys Finger Painter by Sandylee Software

A full featured children's drawing, photo and image editor. The user friendly interface is designed to allow even children too young to read to be able to quickly create, save, edit and convert images,drawings and photos in common formats.

graphics children child educational drawing photo image editor kids easy paint user-friendly software childrens educational user friendly drawing photo image graphics editor

ai software

Verbot 4 Preview by Conversive, Inc.

A Verbot® (Verbally Enhanced Software Robot) can be your personal assistant, your teacher, and your friend. Verbots combine natural language, artificial intelligence, and real-time animation with voice synthesis to create an engaging virtual pers

ai agent bot virtual intelligence artificial intelligence natural language nlp ms agent microsoft agent chatbot chatterbot verbot virtual people virtual person verbot® be personal assistant teacher friend

reminder software

Tray helper by Ireneusz Zielinski

If your Windows is overloaded by many applications, try Tray Helper. There is a built in event reminder and e-mail checker. You can define mail filters, there is also a pop-up killer. You can download and install plugins and upgrade Tray Helper.

reminder anti-spam- email checker popup killer tray helper small all-in-one app email checker filter popup killer event reminder

ntp software

AtomSync by EmTec Innovative Software

AtomSync is a utility that works in the background and periodically checks your system time against an internet NTP time server or against a computer in your LAN (local network) which runs an AtomSync LAN time server.

ntp system time clock atom atomic server atoimtime syncit atomsync utility works background checks system time

desktop software

Nicht vergessen (für Outlook) by Somebytes

If you use Outlook for your scheduling, you should use this little program, it shows your appointments and tasks every time on your desktop.

desktop calendar outlook office ms agent desktoputilties desktoptools dashboard outlook appointments desktop


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