Multimedia Keyboard Software

virtual keyboard home multimedia flash multimedia authoring
midi keyboard interactive multimedia cd on screen keyboard
assign sounds to keyboard key touch keyboard electronic keyboard
change keyboard keys mouse and keyboard lock keyboard
pop-up keyboard create multimedia cdrom screen keyboard
multimedia keyboard mountfocus keyboard designer change keyboard layout
onscreen keyboard mouse keyboard associate sounds to keyboard keys
change keyboard mapping create multimedia cd rom onscreen virtual keyboard

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universal software

uICE by MediaTexX

Control Windows and applications with handheld remote controls and keyboards

universal infrared remote control winamp irman hauppauge wintv creative live-drive livedrive rm-900 audigy audigydrive irman uir winlirc realmagic hollywood fast media anir logitech ast multimedia keyboard

text utils software

WireKeys by WiredPlane

Text/Clip utils, Screen shot, Layout converter, Tray minimize, One for all

text utils screen shots layout converter task killer tray minimize additional clipboards plugins one for all autotext key logger multimedia keyboard multikeys text clip utils screen shot layout converter tray minimize one

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