Multizip Software

archive software

Multi-ZIP-licity by Softuarium

Multi-ZIP-licity is a program for processing multiple ZIP files. It extracts files from multiple archives and creates multiple archives. Extra tools allow to encrypt and decrypt files, list folders as text, change attributes and shred files.

archive multiunzip zipping unzipping encryption decryption shredding security multiple zip files extraction creation extra security tools included

pop-up software

Message Killer by VoyTech.NET

Have you ever had an advertisement pop-up out of nowhere on your desktop? This message was sent to your computer through a built in feature that Microsoft included in your copy of Windows 2000, NT, or XP.

pop-up messenger spam block blocker ads messages blocks unwanted messenger pop-up ads

nature software

Nature Illusion Studio by Nufsoft

Transform your vacation pictures into living nature sceneries with Nature Illusion Studio. Nature Illusion Studio allows you to apply various effects such as water, weather, or sound effects on any image to emulate various natural phenomena.

nature animation picture waterfall lake transform vacation pictures living nature sceneries

 free bulk email list splitter software

Free List Splitter by

Free List Separator, is a full featured professional mailinglist manager software. It splits huge email lists into smaller ones.

free bulk email list splitter bulk email address bulk email address manager free list splitter split huge email lists smaller ones

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