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dvd management software

RB-DVD Office by Ralf Becker DV Beratung

DVD management with database and picture support for every record. It has a powerful "fast text search" (full text search) and a powerful list print function with possibility to create your own reports (templates). Please test now !

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cd software

FastEZ CD and DVD Maker by Ondine Computing, Inc.

Create CD/DVD with music Data Pictures Video with one of two interface for beginner and advance users as well.

cd dvd videocd vcd picture music video data mp3 wav wma jpg bmp mpg mpeg mpeg2

dvd software

Ultimate DVD Player by Roni Music

This application will playback "DVD-Video" discs and will allow you to change the speed (50% - 150%) and pitch (+/- 2 semitones). And yes, it will slow down the video as well. Great for checking out music DVD''s! Also allows you to set loop points,

dvd player

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