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voice software

DubMaster by Voice Imitation & Recognition Ltd.

DubMuster Package is a set of software's that help professional audio, musician, and composers to Imitate,transform and to create many vocal and music effects like pitch shifting vocal tract ,change segments or build a copmelete chorus from one voice

voice processing imitation pitch design audio music sound vocal speech vocal tract chorus tempo delay imitation transformation voice music files create effects

transparent xp taskbar software

XP Visual Tools by CronoSoft

Finally a complete suite of Windows XP Desktop enhancement, XP Visual Tools is loaded with all you need to tweak your Windows XP Desktop.

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vocal software

SoundMania by Voice Imitation & Recognition Ltd.

change music pitch and speed with high quality and resolution , sound processing tool for designing surround sound with 2D and 3D effect in Real Time. You can play and change music from MIC, CD , WAV files or any AUX device and save it to WAV format

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