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music scan software

SharpEye by DGSoftware

Scan music with our highly acclaimed music scanning program SharpEye. You can use SharpEye to scan and convert printed sheet music into a music notation file or a MIDI file which can then be imported into a music notation program or MIDI sequencer.

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mp3 software

FreeRIP by MGShareware

FreeRip is a free and easy to use application that can record digital audio tracks from audio CD to files. You can save CD audio tracks to WAV files or encode them to OGG Vorbis or MP3. It can also convert audio files from/to Wav/MP3/Ogg formats.

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.net software

Aspose.Mime by Aspose Pty Ltd

Aspose.Mime is a .Net Email parsing component for building email solutions. It can be a core of any email receiving solution, like POP3 and IMAP.

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ip software

IP Desktop Viewer WIN2K by IP Detective

Display your current external ip address on your desktop.

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