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MyLife by RAD Software

MyLife is an elegant 'Personal Assistant' Time Manager that provides a quick and easy way to organize your personal and/or work schedule. Enter your appointments, meetings, special events, and so on, and MyLife will keep your life on track!

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to-do list manager software

MyLife Organized by

This personal task outliner will help you to organize your goals, projects and tasks into a tree. The to-do list with actions that require immediate attention will be generated. It has Pocket PC version and can be synced with Outlook and MindManager

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notebook software

MyLife Notebook & DB Utilities by PowerHouse Software Co.

Assortment of handy utility programs. It has Notebook, Notes diary, quick sticky notes, text editor, spreadsheet list, a flexible easy database, database viewer -editor, file viewer, pic editor, Win utilities, World Info & unit conversion prgms.

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personal finance software

MyLife Pocket Money - Personal Accounts by PowerHouse Software Co.

A personal finance Sw with investments, gifts & interest calculator. it has easy data entry and powerful account analysis. Do budgets, monthly bills, major expenses, future payments, charts, savings, reports, import-export of *.qif and xls files.

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pictures software

MyLife Photo Album & Editor Suite by PowerHouse Software Co.

A swiss knife of all photo functions for your Digital Photo Lifestyle in one suite. Catalog, organize, modify, frame, touch up, merge, compress, label, email, export & print your pics in easy steps. Make Cd, webpage, presentations & auto pic folders.

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