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menu software

Menu Builder by ArtistScope

Navigation button for menus with rollover and play sounds, etc.

menu navigate applet button link rollover swap image sound navigation button menus rollover play sounds

java software

255 Magic Animating Buttons by Image Intelligence Software Ltd.

Java applet navigation button menus with mouse-sensitive animation effects.

java applet navigation menu buttons animate magic fade ripple wave fold rainbow lake effect graphics java applet navigation button menus mouse-sensitive animation effects

photo organiser software

PhotoTalk by CompTech Computer Services

A digital photo album software with integrated sound features

photo organiser digital photo album image viewer photo viewer slide show web page export photo distribution cd archive sound recorder photo magnifier photo panner photo search photo printing thumbnail browser jpeg viewer digital imaging graphic

rtf software

Logictran RTF Converter for Windows by Logictran

Easy and flexible conversion of RTF documents to HTML or XML.

rtf html xml conversion word docbook converter shareware filter easy flexible conversion rtf documents html xml

button software

SCP Button Magic by Sault Custom Programming

Button Magic helps your create great buttons for your website in minutes

button button creator web design graphics html buttons button magic helps create great buttons website minutes

popup killer software

Popup Purger by Atlas Solutions

An intelligent popup blocker that can block annoying popup/under ads.

popup killer popup blocker ad blocker ad killer web page dialog intelligent popup blocker block annoying popup under ads

eticky software

e-Ticky by Mouloud

Scrolling notes with attachment in the post-it program!

eticky e-ticky postit post desktop note message stick scrolling notes attachment post-it program


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