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image software

Image Converter .EXE by SoftTech InterCorp

Image Converter .EXE is a fast and flexible image conversion program, which allows support for converting to over 15 formats. It features over 20 effects which can be applied in any conversion process, and even in batch mode.

image picture photo convert converter conversion batch multiple files effects fast image conversion effects includes easy conversion wizard

atl software

axsImaging by Morello Publishing Ltd

ATL COM component to read, write and process image data in BMP, PNG, JPEG, TIFF and RAW formats. Supports most color spaces at up to 16 bits, also transparency, masks, palette ikmages and special colors. Many manipulation and color adjustment funct

atl com image processing component atl com component read write process image data

image editor software

Image Editor by Floating Point Solutions Private Limited

Image Editor is an affordable software to edit images and apply various types of filters. It does the work of most high-priced image editing software.

image editor image editor edit edit image image edit bmp gif pcx tga wbmp wmf ico filter text transparency transparent grayscale dither code javascript flip rotate resample threshold colorize

file encrytion software

Akala EXE Lock by Zero2000 Software

Akala EXE Lock can protect any executable file from non-authorized execution. It asks each time the program is loaded the password you have set.

file encrytion encrypt encryption exe lock security akala exe lock protect executable file non-authorized execution akala exe lock protect executable file non-authorized execution

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