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network management software

Remote Administration by DEK Software International

Remote Administration is a tool for network administrators for deploying and Installing Service Pack and Microsoft HotFixes Remote and Silently.

msi microsoft hotfixes cmd network administrators exe bat scripts

artificial software

ArtificialNeuronalNetwork by logiware gmbh

This package implements an Artifical Neuronal Network (ANN), which is based on a backpropagtion algorithm for your Delphi or C++ Builder application.

c builder delphi algorithm exe file included demo package implements

tracert software

NetPenguin by NetPenguin.Net

NetPenguin consists of 12 network utilities that offer a large viriety of network administration and monitoring services.

scan ip ip addresses lan scanner port scanner fastener network tools

proxy software

Proxy-Pro Professional GateKeeper by Infopulse

Proxy-Pro Professional GateKeeper is the complete Internet Sharing solution for business and corporate use, allowing your company's network to access the Internet using a single Internet account, also providing a high level of security and control.

proxy server firewall dsl adsl internet usage statistics audio pop xdsl time module

effetech software

HttpDetect (EffeTech HTTP Sniffer) by EffeTech Sniffer

A HTTP protocol network sniffer, packet analyzer and file rebuilder. Unlike most other sniffers, it is dedicated to capture IP packets containing HTTP protocol, rebuild and save the HTTP communications and files sent through HTTP protocol.

sniffer web sniffer web browsing http analyzer tcp-ip packet snoop image

shutdown software

Smart Bomb PC Shutdown by Nulidex Systems

A power-off utility with intelligence. Aside from being able to turn off your machine after a period of time, it can monitor CPU usage and network activity in order to delay shutdown while any processes are still running.

standby cpu shutdown internet statistics

backup software

KikBak File Protection Utility by J L Pando

Protects up to 32 folders by maintaining copies of those folders on up to 32 local or network devices. Small and unobtrusive, it works behind the scenes to keep files safe from unexpected disk failure. Also protects subfolders.

mirror maintaining mirroring devices raid files folder

ris software

RIS Menu Editor v1.0 by emBoot Incorporated

RIS Menu Editor extends the functionality of RIS by allowing network administrators to add menus and options to the RIS Client Installation Wizard, and to create boot images. These can deliver BIOS upgrades, virus scanning programs & OS deployments

menus setup menu image files client installation wizard windows 2000 boot image file

net snmp software

Adventnet SNMP API .NET by AdventNet Inc.

AdventNet SNMP API .NET Edition is a comprehensive development toolkit for SNMP-based network management applications. AdventNet's SNMP stack comprises set of powerful .NET SNMP library to build real-time applications for monitoring/tracking networks

snmp snmp response snmp v1 snmp monitoring snmp v2ct net snmp trap

bluetooth software

BlueAuditor by Nsasoft LLC.

BlueAuditor is a easy-to-use program for detecting and monitoring Bluetooth devices in a wireless network and allows network administrators to audit wireless networks against security vulnerabilities associated with the use of Bluetooth devices.

security bluetooth detecting private area network device track discover


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