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health software

NeuroDiet by Neural Planner Software

NeuroDiet is a neural network application that learns how the foods you eat are related to your health and fitness. All the neural network functions are managed automatically. You don't need to know anything about neural networks.

health symptoms how health neurodiet related learns nutrition diet eat foods food

fullrecall software

FullRecall by David Calinski

A cross-platform flashcard-like program that uses artificial neural network for scheduling optimal repetitions.

grasp cutting edge optimal time gradually memory model minimum time

neural network software

Neural Network Component (ActiveX) by MathTools

Artificial Neural System Component is designed for researchers in the fields of machine learning, it can be used to construct Back Propagation Neural Network and to train it with provided samples, then finally recall it with appropriate data.

neural network system component back propagation neural system train

neural software

TradingSolutions by NeuroDimension, Inc.

Financial analysis and investment software that combines traditional technical indicators with state-of-the-art neural network and genetic algorithm technologies to create remarkably effective trading models for stocks, options and futures.

optimal actions intelligence technologies volatile markets step tutorials animated demonstrations neural network models

neural networks trading software

NeuralCode Neural Networks Trading by ConnectCode Pte Ltd

NeuralCode is an industrial grade Artificial Neural Networks implementation for financial prediction. The software can take data like the Opening price,High,Low,Volume and other technical indicators for predicting or uncovering trends and patterns.

accuracy financial prediction suitable conditions back propagation implementation correct weights

performance software

AutoPilot by Sunbelt Software Distribution, Inc

AutoPilot® is a Breakthrough Automatic WinXP Performance Tuner! It was originally developed to tune multi processor supercomputers, but is now available for WinXP.

existence performance enhancement autopilot hardware platforms windows xp stable windows

 artificial intelligence software

SmartWare Suite A.I. Programming Components by RG Software Corporation

SmartWare Suite Neural net, Genetic Algo and Fuzzy logic COM

net fuzzy genetic com fuzzy logic suite fuzzy nn neural ga genetic algorithm principle component analysis smartware artificial intelligence a-i

technical analysis software

Optimal Trader by Optimal Trader

Trading software with cutting edge technology combining technical analysis with neural networks and modern signal processing. A large database with stocks, currencies, funds and indices is available for free. 30 days trial!

neural networks portfolio charting mutual funds stock analysis software trading software stock analysis technical analysis

neural network software

NN50.DLL by RG Software Corporation

Artificial Neural Networks are computational paradigms which implement simplified models of their biological counterparts, biological neural networks. Biological Neural Networks are the local assemblages of neurons and their dendrite connections...

dendrite synapses train variable strength historical data conventional computers

simulaworks software

Simulaworks, System Simulator by MathTools

SimulaWorks package is a general purpose simulator, it supports an open set of simulation languages and AI techniques.

petri nets programming features matrix script gpss simulation languages smart draw


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