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rave software

ESBRaveViewer by ESB Consultancy

User friendly Win32 Free Utility to easily view RAVE Reports (NDR FIles) that are produced by Applications built with Nevrona Design's RAVE. It allows you to view, print and save file as PDF, HTML, RTF, Excel, Text & selected Graphic formats.

rave reports ndr pdf htm rtf printing esb esbpcs user friendly win32 free utility easily view rave reports ndr files

miramail software

MiraMail by Nevrona Designs

Team-based customer email answering system that improves response time/tracking Enable your staff to more efficiently respond to your customer emails using existing email tools. Features include threading, grouping, shared access and security

miramail email groupware freeware software application server free developer internet communication collaboration productivity threaded customer team-based customer email answering system improves response time tracking

delphi software

ESBTools for RAVE by ESB Consultancy

Add a Calculator Property Editor to the Rave IDE and a Coloured Text Component, that will show in different colours depending on Positive/Negative. Delphi source included. ESBPCS required to recompile, though recompile not necessary for use with apps

delphi calculator rave

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