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pim software

MDE InfoHandler by MDE Software

A manager for many types of information featuring a unique non-hierarchical categorization scheme. Use it to organize notes, documents, Internet bookmarks, email, and much more on your PC and Pocket PC.

pim dms information document knowledge todo manager database organizer reminder note internet link bookmark email time alarm

dynamic web application software

awLinkMgr by Eden Systems LLC

Use your browser to track web links for users and sites. awLinkMgr lets you manage information about links to the web. Sort of a searchable bookmarker or web-link rolladex. Searchable view of sites, notes. Drop down selections. Help files.

dynamic web application web enabled groupware zib1l35 bookmark manager search manage information about links browser

dynamic web application software

awRoomMgr by Eden Systems LLC

Resource booking application that tracks and shows scheduling of resources on the web. You can Browse availability, View bookings resources, users, notes, Request a booking for a user. The administrator can create, edit, and objects.

dynamic web application calendar scheduling booking resource management web enabled groupware zib1l35 resource booking application tracks shows scheduling resources

contact manager software

awContactMgr by Eden Systems LLC

awContactMgr lets you manage personalized information about people. This includes the ability to track Contact, Events, Lists, Codes, Notes. The application allows you to edit and browse these. Make lists of contacts as XML or CSV

contact manager dynamic web application web enabled groupware zib1l35 manage personalized information about people make lists xml csv

gradebook software

Easy Gradebook by Hammer Software Unlimited

An inexpensive easy to use gradebook for teachers. Supports categories, weights, points and drop the lowest. Other features include class averages, extra credit, grade & student notes, curving, sorting, chart with statistics, and custom reports.

gradebook grade grade book teacher inexpensive easy teachers gradebook categories weights points

note software

Noterizer by Harris-Dev

Having problems remembering those little day to day tasks? The Noterizer can help by displaying notes on your computer monitor. Simply write yourself a note, set the alarm date and time, then click the 'Hide Me' button. Try it for free!

note alarm cuckoo clock timer stop watch clock handy little note alarm manager options list try

cd-cover software

CD-Cover by CAD-KAS GbR

Print you own CD Covers for your Audio and Data CDs or DVDs! You can open a picture or scan a cover and add text, notes and graphic objects. Then you can print it out as CD cover or CD label.

cd-cover print printer cd dvd cover label labels covers scan picture text printout copy print cd covers audio data cds dvds

email software

DetachPipe by Crystal Software

Save, delete, compress, detach and reattach large email attachments. Reduce disk space requirements and improve email system performance. Outlook, Lotus Notes, MAPI-compliant client software. Files are auto-numbered, and can be set to Read Only.

email attachments detach delete save extract export outlook notes lotus notes mapi reattach compress save delete compress detach reattach large email attachments

print calendar software

Screen Calendar by FeatherySoft, Inc.

Create custom desktop with built in active calendar (small or large and even transparent) just over wallpaper, with the useful to-do list in the day cells. Change background with any period. Print the calendar or notes.

print calendar wallpaper walpapers calender desktop calender skin background random background pick note date image desktop image screencalendar desktop wallpaper winamp skin

bookmark manager software

NetMarks Manager by Weta Software

NetMarks Manager is a new bookmark manager solution. With NetMarks you can store and manage 1000's of bookmarks, take notes, search, preview sites, store favorites, view as web pages, synchronize, and more. NetMarks integrates with Internet Explorer.

bookmark manager favorites manager bookmarks software bookmarks manager favorites favorites software favourites favourites software favourites manager organiser organizer internet explorer ie web bookmarks internet bookmarks weta url netmarks


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