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active desktop calendar software

Active Desktop Calendar by XemiComputers Ltd.

Fully customizable calendar that displays data on the desktop wallpaper. It features interactive desktop interface, notes, tasks, alarms, data export/import/print and a screensaver. Create pleasant working atmosphere by changing icons, fonts, colors.

active desktop calendar pim personal information manager organizer wallpaper print notes tasks alarms personal info recurring appointments to-do list interactive recurrence scheduler icons xemico xemicomputers shareware program

jot software

Jot+ Notes by King Stairs Software

A powerful replacement for MS-Cardfile, adding a second dimension with hierarchical notes. Supports rich text, powerful search/replace, advanced printing, autosave, password protection, flexible import/export, hyperlinks, and much more!

jot cardfile pim outliner notes ideal note perfect everything addresses urls novels

organizer software

Task-O-Matic by Pollen Software

Task-O-Matic is a comprehensive task list manager/organizer that helps you to quickly organize all of your business or personal notes and to do lists. The software uses a fully skinned graphically rich interface with a choice of skins.

organizer to-do list to do task priority personal information management pim pim schedule task-o-matic planner organiser taskomatic shareware programs task-o-matic-exe

settings software

BackRex Easy Backup by BackRex Software

Backup Windows, Outlook, MS Office, Internet Explorer custom settings, such as desktop layout, mouse cursors schemes, sound schemes, regional settings, mail and news folders, contacts, tasks, address books, notes, toolbars and much more.

settings profile customizations outlook office backup save registry restore configuration system backup ms office internet explorer outlook settings profile

coredraw software

ST Thumbnails Explorer by Softfields Technologies

Fastest Thumbnails Viewer for AI, CDR, CMX, CCX, CDT, PAT, CPT, CLK, FH7-11, FT8-11, CMV, JPG, PSD, XAR, BMP etc. Full integration with MS Shell. Shows version, type, keywords, notes, size and other file info. Correctly displays thumbnails in LANs.

coredraw illustrator freehand thumbnail adobe macromedia explorer viewer vector cdr cmx ccx ai fh ft clk cpt cmv eps xar art psd emf wmf

invoicing excel software

EasyEx invoicing by EasyEx

No need to create a customer account for low-value/infrequent customers. No need to create a article master data for a one time settlement. Professionally designed invoice layouts. 2 different invoice types and shipping notes.

invoicing excel excel invoicing invoicing invoicing software software invoicing invoicing software excel excel software invoicing invoice excel excel invoice create invoices delivery notes

note taking software

ndxCards by TruTamil LLC

Software for taking freeform notes and writing research papers using electronic index cards. Search notes by keywords, sources and authors. Organize note cards in a structure with headings and export a document or a presentation.

note taking research paper writing index card note cards freeform database personal knowledge base personal productivity study skills study skills improvement taking freeform notes writing papers using electronic index cards

texnotes software

TexNotes by Univision Incorporated

Feature rich text editor, notes organizer and document publisher developed by GemX. A handy tool with all the ease-of-use that busy professionals need and without all the overhead in effort and time that they don't.

texnotes personal information manager quick notes organizer text editor feature rich text editor notes organizer document publisher

coin software

Coin Collector Professional by RB59.COM SOFTWARE

This is the perfect computer program for anyone into Coin Collecting, from novices to pro's. This program lets you record detailed information about each coin, such as: COIN AQUIRED FROM, ADDRESS, TELEPHONE, EMAIL, NOTES, COMMENTS, TYPE OF COIN.

coin coins coin collecting coin collector professional perfect computer program anyone coin collecting

reminder software Secure Reminder by

Reminder software for Windows desktop. Reminds about important date and events using various alarm actions. Keeps secure data in a safe manner. Strong information encryption. Creates post it reminder notes. Built-in random password generator.

reminder reminder software reminder program download reminder computer reminder desktop reminder reminders software date reminder daily reminder event reminder reminder note calendar reminder popup reminder pop up reminder reminder program desktop computer reminder various alarms


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