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personal software

Neat Notes 2005 by AL-Software Inc.

This program works as a notebook with hierarchical tree-like structure of organization. Now all your notes will be under your fingertips! Neat Notes 2005 can store information containing URL, text, tables, or graphs.

personal nootebook notes manager organizer

clipboard software

HyperClipper by 10-30am team

This clipboard utility allows to paste previously copied clips and other texts or quick notes as easy as [Shift]+[Ins] (or Ctrl+V) keystrokes and exactly by these keys. Features: auto save clips on exit, plain text mode, clipboard controls, preview.

clipboard text utility paste tool copy insert notes keyboard document clipboard ctrl-v shift-ins advanced paste hyperstack autosave function

ebook software

Ceramic Raw Materials by E-dition

Ebook for students and practitioners in need of a reference in terms of raw materials: earths, rocks, minerals, oxides. Fully illustrated cross-referenced ebook, an attempt to present data on those materials and techniques in an orderly fashion.

ebook clay materials rocks earths minerals oxides glazes students practitioners ceramics

free software

InstantNotes by Protaxis software

The most effective solution of saving your ideas. Don't waste your time to find the place to write.

notes desktop notes editor most effective solution saving ideas

znote software

zNote by zeggsoft

zNote organize your notes in Topics-Tree view.You can create multiple notebooks, divide them into sections, and drag-and-drop your notes to stay organized.

znote notes note notebook editor notes editor rich text

music software

MagicScore Player by DGSoftware

MagicScore Player is free tool for sheet music playing.You can use it for sfg, MusicXML,MIDI and Karaoke files.

music note score self-expression sound midi comfortable beautiful midi keyboard music editor notes editor note midi instrument accord measure

ebook software

Ceramic Wares by E-dition

This ebook is for collectors, practitioners, and students of ceramics who are in need of technical and yet handy referencing to those types and techniques known first by their materials and second by their manufacturers. Fully illustrated.

ebook ceramics types techniques materials manufacturers earthenware stoneware porcelain clays glazes reference ebook ceramics types techniques

music notation software

MagicScore Maestro by DGSoftware

MagicScore is a state-of-the-art notation program. Advantages of MagicScore are: an easy to use interface for a set of partitas, a number of data input methods including the virtual keyboard, external MIDI devices, and a large set of musical symbols.

music notation software music notation notation editor music note score self-expression sound midi comfortable beautiful midi keyboard music editor note midi instrument accord measure violin bass alt beccare staccato portamento

ebook software

Dictionary of Concise Writing by E-dition

The Dictionary of Concise Writing consists of two parts.First: how to identify and correct wordiness. Second: a compilation of several thousand wordy phrases followed by concise alternative expressions. New features. 1 year subscription to TVR online

ebook dictionary language english concise writing speech reference concision add power communication invaluable writing companion

organizer software

Cute Organizer by Code Sector Inc.

Fast, convenient and nice looking information management system, featuring hierarchical textual and visual data representation regarding your contacts, tasks and notes.

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