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topnotes software

TopNotes by JOC Software

TopNotes manages and encripts any kind of information like projects, addresses, recipes, pictures, videos and so on in notebooks files with a tree structure. Keep all information that you need organized in a single file, at one place!

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tree database editor software

NotesTree by Extreme Code Software

WELL STRUCTURE YOUR INFORMATION (such as CURRENT NOTES, info about your business, hobby, friends etc.) in a tree. Supports rich text formatting (bold, italic, font sizes etc.) and embedded images. Puts itself in SYSTEM TRAY (optionally).

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notes software

Tree Notes by Dextronet

Tree Notes is a universal, very user friendly and powerful note manager that organizes your notes in a tree. Tree Notes allows you to store an unlimited number of notes in a single file, organized using a tree. Keep your note at one place!

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aml software

Aml Pages by G&G Software

Aml Pages is a notes organizer, that allows you to keep all your notes in a tree structure, arranging them as you like. Aml Pages main features are: flexible tree structure to keep all your notes in order, plain and formatted text and more

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memo software

MemoClip by Code Sector Inc.

Clipboard enhancement utility with treelike structured storage allows you easily edit, combine, reformat and paste text into any application. Allows you insert commonly used text by pressing hotkey or typing in the short nickname in any application.

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