Numbered Software

email software

DetachPipe by Crystal Software

Save, delete, compress, detach and reattach large email attachments. Reduce disk space requirements and improve email system performance. Outlook, Lotus Notes, MAPI-compliant client software. Files are auto-numbered, and can be set to Read Only.

email attachments detach delete save extract export outlook notes lotus notes mapi reattach compress save delete compress detach reattach large email attachments

cv software

ResumePipe by Crystal Software

Convert emailed resumes and their attachments to numbered text files suitable for importing into packages such as ResTrac. CVs can be cleansed using a TextPipe filter to remove blank lines and garbage characters, word wrap, fix punctuation and more!

cv resume applicant tracking restrac convert extract export outlook notes lotus notes email attachment text convert emailed resumes attachments text files importing

folder software

FolderIcon XP by

Change an icon for any folder with two clicks. Select one of 129 specially designed XP-style icons (colored, numbered folders..) or use any external icon. Extendable set of 262 specially chosen system icons is installed with FolderIcon. Undo support.

folder icon mark explorer directory interface change icon color folder two clicks mark folder

sobig software

HS SoBigRemover by Yenicag Bilisim Ltd

Remote removal of huge numbered SoBig viruses without needing of downloading all emails

sobig remover virus freeware hs yenicag haysoft remote removal huge sobig viruses without needing downloading

games software

AnumJong by MG Software

MahJongg solitaire with numbered or Chinese tile sets. Board editor included - build your own game. Along with the classic board, there are many different game boards to challenge you.

games pc computer kidsafe jong mahjongg strategy logic puzzle mind mg shareware mahjongg solitaire chinese tile sets board editor included

cross-numbers software

Cross-Numbers by Holotronix srl

Arrange the numbered tiles in natural order, by moving the rows and columns.

cross-numbers xnumbers puzzles sam lloyd tiles 15 play logical funny games intelligence einstein brain trainning mind education mathematical games

stackomania software

Stackomania by Megalactic Enterprises

Stackomania is a fun card game. Start with a random stack of numbered cards. You win if you put your cards in order first. Use the Discard and Draw Piles to replace cards you don't want. Play against the compter or a human opponent over the internet.

stackomania game play gaming games put cards order first win play vs computer human via web

portugal software

Portuguese Churches Screen Saver by Azula Lda.

This screen saver includes copyrighted photographs by Izhar Perlman.These photographs can be bought as a limited edition prints, signed and numbered by the artist.For more information: www.izhar.tvIf you want to use the photographs for any other purp

portugal churches screen saver artistic old romantic beautiful special photographs old portuguese churches photographer

puzzle software

15Slide by Andrey Krutikov

15Slide is a computer slide- puzzle game. It's an advanced version of the well-known 15 puzzle. To solve the puzzle you have to original order of randomly shuffled numbered pieces in the least moves possiblen by sliding pieces into the empty spot.

puzzle game puzzles 15slide games computer game windows game slide puzzle download puzzle 15slide computer slide-puzzle game windows

crisscross software

CompuCrissCross by Compunac

Challenging drag and drop word game. More than 2 bil. unique crisscross puzzles. Blanks are not numbered. There are no clues. The only hints are the way the blanks intersect and the number of letters in each word. Fun and educational to play.

crisscross criss cross puzzle crossword word challenging drag drop word game than 2 bil unique crisscross puzzles


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