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data reporting software

Object Oriented Reporting Control for VB6.0 by BrowseDatabase.com

Object Oriented Reporting ActiveX for VB6.0 - TanDB is an On-the-Fly Control.

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reporting software

OOReport.NET by BrowseDatabase.com

Object Oriented Database Reporting component for .NET platform.

reporting object database rad html web report vb-net object oriented database reporting component net platform

uml software

ProxyDesigner by ProxySource, Inc.

ProxyDesigner is a free PC-based UML design tool from ProxySource, Inc.

uml free design tool case diagram model flow modelling ood oo programming coding diagramming diagrams class object use cases patterns object oriented software component components component-based cbd

sms software

PageGate by NotePage, Inc.

Messaging server software sends SMS and text messages to pagers or mobile phones

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mapi software

Ziata! by Ziata! Solutions, L.L.C.

5-Star ZDNet, 5-Cows Tucows. Workgroup management: OOD, tele pad, staff, more.

mapi mail pad message pad telephone pad tele pad msg pad in-out message board staff tracking mass mailings electronic mailings ziata library books e-msg emsg electronic publications docket schedule ood zegarelli wedding list

collaborative software

Team Write 1.X by Midinov

with our web-service Users work simultaneously on the same document in real time

collaborative web service xml write txt real time synchrone asynchrone tcp http socket our web-service users work simultaneously same document real time

parser generator software

UniParser for Ada by Extreme Code Software

Ada library for creating grammar parsers and lexers. Supports Unicode.

parser generator grammar generator lexer generator ada library bnf syntax tree grammar tree parsing tree unicode ada library creating grammar parsers lexers supports unicode


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