Ocr-a Software

ocr-a software

PrecisionID OCR-A and OCR-B Fonts by PrecisionID

The PrecisionID OCR Font Package contains two OCR fonts, OCR-A and OCR-B in TrueType and PostScript format. Both are ISO and ANSI size 1, 10CPI. These fonts also support OCR A1 and OCR B1 for Eurobanking.

ocr-a ocr-b ocr b1 ocr a1 ocr-a ocr-b fonts truetype postscript

postnet software

POSTNET Barcode Fonts by IDAutomation.com, Inc.

Our POSTNET Font Advantage Package allows you to print POSTNET, PLANET, FIM, OCR-A and Interleaved 2 of 5 from MS Windows, Macintosh, UNIX and a variety of other operating systems;

postnet planet fim ocr-a interleaved 2 of 5 our postnet font advantage package allows print postnet planet

bar code software

Bar Codes and More by Elfring Fonts Inc

Here's an easy way to print bar codes from Windows! This set contains 14 scalable TrueType bar code font formats: 2/5, 2/5 interleaved, 3/9, OCR, PostNet, and UPC-A fonts. Includes VBA functions for Excel and Access plus our BarMore utility program.

bar code barcode font fonts barcodes barcoding truetype true type 39 25 postnet upc-a interleaved coding ttf windows

truetype software

TrueType Barcode Font Pack by IDAutomation.com, Inc.

Easy to install and use TrueType versions of our Code 39, Extended Code 39, Code 128, UPC-EAN, Interleaved 2 of 5, Postnet, Planet, MICR E-13B, OCR-A, OCR-B and EZ Barcode font packages. Includes MS Office examples

truetype fonts bar code barcode code 128 code 39 easy package truetype barcode fonts

bar code software

Bar Codes Plus by Elfring Fonts, Inc

Here's an easy way to print bar codes from Windows! This set contains scalable TrueType bar code fonts for: 2/5 interleaved, 3/9, 93, 128, Bookland, Codabar, EAN, OCR, PostNet, and UPC. Plus VBA macros and utility programs.

bar code barcode font fonts 39 25 interleaved 93 128 codabar ean bookland ucc postnet upc-a upc-e ttf truetype windows

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