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fast software

PPL by ArianeSoft Inc.

PPL is a fast and easy-to-learn programming language that is fully object-oriented. PPL runs on all PocketPCs using Windows Mobile 2000, 2002, 2003, 2003SE, and WM2005. PPL is also compatible with PC desktop computers.

fast interpreter compiler programming language assembler mobile pocketpc wince windows game basic c pascal physic write

erase hard drive software

WipeDrive by WhiteCanyon Inc.

Wipe your hard drive completely clean. Use WipeDrive to wipe all data from your computer and start fresh with a clean hard drive. Deleting a file or formatting your hard drive will not erase sensitive data. Prevent identity theft with WipeDrive.

erase hard drive wipe clean erase erase hard drives erase hard drive data donating a computer personal data discarding the computer wipedrive mediawiper department of defense wipedrive wipe hard drive clean start fresh clean hard drive

garden golf software

Garden Golf by funpause games

No hard sell. Garden Golf is a new, high quality and easy to use mini golf (also called minigolf, mini putt, or putt putt golf) game for your PC. Enjoy three 18 hole courses packed with fun and varied obstacles, such as tunnels, treadmills and more!

garden golf minigolf mini golf putt putt arcade game arcade games fun cartoon non-violent relaxing

disk wipe software

WipeDrive Personal by DTEC International

Formatting your hard drive DOES NOT erase your data!

disk wipe wipe disk clean hard drive data destruction erase data

internet security software

Acronis Power Utilities by Acronis

Acronis Power Utilities includes five system utilities available in one suite. It helps you to install a new hard disk, back up or restore hard drive partitions, protect your privacy in Internet and Windows system, delete data from an old PC.

internet security internet privacy personal privacy pop-up blocker data protection disk cleanup wipe disk file wipe cookies cleanup spyware removal adware removal hijackers trace removal internet cleanup system cleanup cache cleanup online privacy erase internet history disk repair disk recovery system recovery clone hard disk

hard software

Acronis Drive Cleanser by Acronis

Acronis DriveCleaner was written specifically to obliterate confidential data from partitions and HDDs. It includes most known national governmental standards for HDD data destruction and algorithms by authoritative experts in computer data security.

hard disk partition wipe erase delete wiper destruct obliterate data security dod 5220-22-m navso p-5239-26 vsitr gost p50739-95 gutmann schneier algorithm private

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